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Hello My name is Coffee Lover 12 and you are here because you love Starbucks coffee just as much as I do. Here you will find everything Starbucks anything from interesting facts, to funny stories people had at Starbucks. This blog invites everyone to come and share their stories, experiences, good or bad :). Whatever happened this is your safe place to share with other fellow coffee lovers. Give tips on the best drink mixes as there are over 87,000 different combinations, best starbucks locations where you had a pleasant time with friends and family. If your story gets a lot of attention from the other visitors I will contact you asking if its OK to make a separate Blog post for everyone to enjoy:) We are trying to build a strong Coffee Lover community here and all are welcomed.  All I ask is that you keep it respectful with one another, this is a place to have fun and share some laughs with other Coffee Addicts as I like to call them lol. Like I said we are everything Starbucks here and all tips, stories, jokes, and information about coffee are welcomed. Remember Tea lovers are more then welcomed here too 🙂 I love a great cup a tea myself lol I work as an online associate with Starbucks and have great deals that were given to me and I save tons of money every month, a must have for the serious coffee drinker lol. Starbucks has asked me to share this information with as many coffee lovers as I possible can, and that is one of my main aims with this blog is to get the word out. So If you are a serious coffee addict and you enjoy this blog and the information on it, all I ask is that you help spread the word about my Blog to any coffee lovers you may know and help us grow 🙂 Coffee for Life lol