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These stars love their Starbucks as much as the rest of us. And like most, they have more than one go-to drink.

1. Britney Spears

This girl loves her some Starbucks. Britney’s love of frappuccinos is well known, particularly her proclivity towards the caramel frappuccino, but it’s not the only thing she’ll drink from Starbucks. She’s also been seen with green tea frappuccinos and the iced shaken passion tea lemonade.Click Here!

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim doesn’t like to tie herself down to one drink for too long. She’s sampled many popular Starbucks drinks, including the iced shaken passion tea lemonade. If she comes out of it all drinking the tastiest of drinks, more power to her. We are still talking about Starbucks, right?

Also She’s been known to more than a handful of baristas as a soy chai latte kind of girl. And like her sisters, she enjoys the iced shaken black tea lemonade, too.Click Here!

3. Miley Cyrus

Like her image, Miley’s Starbucks preferences have shifted as she’s aged. Earlier in her career, she was commonly spotted sipping frappuccinos—both nonfat white chocolate mocha and caramel.

As time passed she then moved up to the iced caramel macchiato. And lately in 2016 she’s been seen drinking hot lattes.Click Here!

4. Liam Hemsworth aka Mileys Ex lol

Whenever Liam is spotted with Starbucks, it’s usually a venti iced coffee. Doesn’t seem like he adds any milk to it.Click Here!

5. My Man Derek Jeter lol

Jeter frequents many of New York City’s Starbucks locations. He tries to be sneaky when he goes in—he was once caught using the alias “Philip” to order a drink.

Jeter usually sticks to a double tall nonfat latte (the “double tall,” means that it comes with an extra shot of espresso), and occasionally keeps it interesting by getting a triple grande skim cappuccino (again, the “triple grande,” means an extra shot). Cappuccinos typically have less milk and more foam than their latte counterpart.Click Here!

6. Mr. Rev. Al Sharpton

When Rev. Sharpton visits a Starbucks, it is reported that he mostly keeps to himself doing things like checking e-mail or text messaging on his phone, but is very friendly when approached by people asking him if he is who they think he is. Spoiler alert: he is!

Al Sharpton orders a venti skinny vanilla latte. “Skinny,” in Starbucks lingo means skim milk and sugar-free syrup. The artificial sweetener of choice here is sucralose.

It’s not all that surprising that Rev. Sharpton opts for the “skinny” version—he lost a lot of weight when he was arrested at a protest in Puerto Rico in 2009, where he subsequently went on a hunger strike during his 90-day imprisonment. After his release, he continued to change his behavior to keep himself thinner, and has since become a vegan. We’re guessing he’s switched to soy milk in his lattes.Click Here

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Oh yes, Buffy seems to like her some Starbucks lol Double fisting two venti iced dirty soy chai lattes. The “dirty” just means that a shot of espresso was added. “Double dirty,” would get you two shots. It’s Sarah Michelle’s drink of choice. When not double fisting drinks, she has a tendency to fill the other arm with a small child.Click Here!

8. Mr Ex President Bill Clinton

Bill is a predictable Starbucks drinker. In the winter, he gets a decaf coffee–probably because of the heart issues. Oh, and he’s become a vegan, so he probably opts for soy milk in his decaf coffee, if he gets any milk. And in the summer, he’ll switch to a refreshing venti iced passion tea.

Once in awhile he’ll order something else; he’s requested tall nonfat cappuccinos before. Those are obviously caffeinated, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he was picking something up for Hill.Click Here!

9. The Lovely Demi Lovato

Lovatics may be interested to know that one of Demi’s more frequent orders is the cinnamon dolce latte.Click Here!

10. The Break Up Song Queen Herself Taylor Swift lol

Taylor has openly professed her love for Starbucks coffee. Like Bill Clinton, Taylor Swift will also switch between a hot and a cold drink. When she wants something to warm her up, she goes for the skinny vanilla latte. When she’d rather have something cold, Taylor gets an iced caramel latte.

Taylor doesn’t stay faithful to Starbucks, though. Remember the famous maple lattes she got with Jake Gyllenhaal in Brooklyn during Thanksgiving? They came from Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee, and were made with real maple syrup! Sounds delicious.Click Here!

11. Ben Affleck aka The Dark Night

Like Derek Jeter, Ben occasionally uses an alternate name to order his drinks. He’s been known to order a grande nonfat vanilla latte using the name “Spencer,” before. He sometimes gets venti iced coffees when he wants something cold.Click Here!

12. Heidi Klum

Heidi is known to frequent Starbucks more than just a little bit. She’s hard to miss—she often brings her flock of children with her (who also get drinks). Heidi likes soy lattes and frappuccinos ordered with whipped cream. She doesn’t skimp on the fat!Click Here!

13. Bill Cosby aka Ladies Watch Your Coffee Jk lol

Bill Cosby is notorious for allegedly being a particularly difficult customer (and bad tipper). Seems like he’s not different at Starbucks. Well, maybe a little bit—he allegedly has one of his handlers fetch the drink, and allegedly gives them very specific instructions on how to order, to call ahead, and what to tip (hint: nothing).

Allegedly, his handlers order a triple short non-fat extra-hot no-foam latte for Bill. It’s his usual. Short is a size unlisted on the menu; it’s smaller than a tall.Click Here!

14. Lea Michele

Lea has been spotted with a variety of drinks. Vanilla lattes, caramel macchiatos, and iced black teas seem to be her repeat orders.Oh, and she apparently shops at Target with co-star Chris Colfer buying random things like lamps and pillows.Click Here!

15. Emma Watson

Like every true college student, Emma visits Starbucks frequently. She’s been seen around the Brown University campus with mocha frappuccinos topped with whipped cream. No word on if she’s tried Starbuck’s secret Butterbeer drink. Tee-hee.Click Here!

16. Hugh Jackman Mr Wolverine Himself

Wolverine is a self-professed coffee snob. Hugh has opted for grande soy cappuccinos and short americanos. An Americano is just espresso with water added to it until it’s about the same potency as coffee, just with that espresso flavor.

As for the soy, in 2013, Hugh said that after going on a strict diet for his Wolverine role that consisted of eating a dozen eggs & a steak a day, he wanted to give back to the animals and reduce his carbon footprint by going vegan.

Not confined to Starbucks as of late, Hugh is one of the founders of Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, a coffee company inspired by the Newman’s Own product line which donates its profits to charity.

Check out Hugh’s interview on the topic with Anderson Cooper!Click Here To View.

17. Lindsay Lohan aka Add A little Something Extra lol

Lindsay is another star who gets her picture taken with a Starbucks drink in hand probably more than she would like. Lindsay sometimes orders a venti iced americano. She asks for room to be left in it, so she can add milk or creamer of her choice. When she’s not getting a cold coffee drink, she’ll get an iced shaken green tea lemonade.And when she gets a hot drink, she’ll typically order a hot chai tea latte with a shot of espresso. Dirty.Click Here!


Well there you have it folks #17 other Celebrities with the exception of a few I had in my last Blog post lol. Also I want to take this time to apologize for having to add links to see the Celebrities pictures at this time I can only add one main picture to my Blog Post, I do hope you understand and don’t hold that against me lol I would hate to see you leave because of that but if you do I understand. 🙂 This way you can see multiple pictures of your favorite Celebrities. There is still a lot of great content for Starbucks Coffee lovers on this Blog with new things being posted every day. I hope you enjoyed this and share, like and help us grow there is a lot more to come 🙂 Join Us And Save On Starbucks!





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