Do Starbucks’ pretty ‘secret’ rainbow drinks taste as good as they look? FEMAIL puts the chain’s super-sweet flavors to the test Read more:

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  • Several colorful, customizable drinks can be ordered from the coffee chain’s ‘secret menu’, which is detailed on various websites
  • The Pink Drink is made with Strawberry Acai Refresher and coconut milk
  • Meanwhile the Orange Drink is made with orange mango juice, vanilla bean powder, and coconut milk
  • The Purple Drink is made with Passion Iced Tea, soy milk, and va

At Starbucks, fall gets the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte, while winter gets the Gingerbread and Peppermint Mocha Lattes. And now, summer’s got a drink that fans are going gaga over.

But surprisingly, the hottest Instagram hit of the season isn’t coffee-based. Social media users are going crazy for rainbow-hued juice-based drinks, ordered from the ‘secret menu’ with inside knowledge of the ingredients.

So what’s the fuss all about? FEMALE tested the increasingly popular ‘pink drink’, ‘purple drink’, and ‘orange drink’ from the mega-chain to see of they live up to the hype.

See Drinks!

The ‘secret menu’ isn’t official, so it doesn’t actually exist on a sign in any of the stores — a customer needs to be in-the-know to order them, and that means having the list of ingredients on hand.

The concept isn’t new: There are whole websites dedicated to secret menu items, offering how-to’s for ordering everything from Birthday Cake Frappuchinos to Raspberry Cheesecake Lattes.

But the most buzz-worthy ones these days aren’t just tasty to those who’ve been ordering them, but pretty, too, with light, bright colors that scream ‘summer’.

Pink Drink View Here!

The first to start the current trend, the Pink Drink is made with Starbucks’ Strawberry Acai Refresher  — which is blended with coconut milk instead of water.

Many ‘grammers have theirs topped with strawberries, which float above the ice in this creamy berry drink.

But this beverage doesn’t just look like liquid candy — it tastes like it, too, which most of the FEMAIL team agreed wasn’t a good thing.

‘This one is crazy sweet,’ said Femail Reporter Valerie Seibert.

Fellow Femail Reporter Erica Tempesta seconded that, adding: ‘It’s just so syrupy. I feel like I’m drinking a liquefied strawberries-and-cream candy. Like, you could get used to the taste, but if I drank more than a few sips of it, I would get ill. Or love it and gain ten pounds.’

Orange Drink  View Here!

According to Foodbeast, this treat — the newest of the Rainbow Secret Menu craze — was first dreamed up by store manager Eric Olson at an Orange County, California Starbucks.

It’s made with orange mango juice (which is typically used for the chain’s orange mango smoothies) and two scoops of vanilla bean powder. Those ingredients are poured over ice and topped with coconut milk.

‘The Orange Drink is refreshing. I’d like it for breakfast,’ remarked Erica.

US Femail Editor Charlie Lankston was mostly in agreement, saying that the fruity beverage tastes ‘kind of like sherbet’ and adding: ‘It’s the most refreshing of the three but still a little too sweet for me.’

‘This is the most palatable,’ said Senior Femail Reporter Miranda Bryant. ‘It’s nice but I wouldn’t pay for it.’

Purple Drink View Here!

Finally, the Purple Drink rounds out the menu with the most ingredients. Passion Iced Tea is blended with soy milk and vanilla syrup, poured over ice, and topped with a scoop of blackberries.

There are variations to this one, too: Some people are subbing coconut milk for soy milk. But either way, the FEMAIL team wasn’t feeling it.

‘The purple one is not my jam,’ said Charlie.

‘It reminds me of a watered-down vanilla chai latte. So while I don’t hate it, I don’t understand it,’ added Erica.

Miranda had an even stronger reaction, saying: ‘This is rancid. It tastes like watered-down violet perfume.’

Only Valerie was more lukewarm about it, remarking: ‘I don’t hate it, but I wouldn’t want the whole drink.’





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