23 Breaking News Stories About Starbucks

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Breaking Starbucks News Updated In Real Time, News From Today And Breaking News From Past Days You May Have Missed, News Stories Are In Order From Most Recent Meaning Today And So On. Hope You Enjoy ūüôā

Will Update Weekly With New Stories Let’s Begin Shall We…

#1  Starbucks workers to get raises of 5% or more; company also doubling stock awards for employees РCNN.

#2 Starbucks to increase prices of some drinks starting July 12 РNew York Post

#3 Federal judge allows lawsuit accusing Starbucks of systematically under-filling lattes to move forward РAP

#4 Starbucks adding new iced summer drinks, including Nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee in major US cities РWall Street Journal

#5 Starbucks is being sued for allegedly misleading millions of customers over amount of ice in drinks РNBC News

#6 Starbucks CEO says coffee chain plans to open 150 stores in South Africa – Reuters

#7 Starbucks reports earnings of 39 cents a share, matching estimates; revenues of $4.99 billion v estimates of $5.03 billion – CNBC

#8 Starbucks opens 1st store in South Africa РWall Street Journal

#9¬†Starbucks’ stock drops after downgrade from buy to hold at Deutsche Bank – MarketWatch

#10 Amazon triples number of available Dash Buttons to more than 100 brands, including Starbucks, Doritos, Red Bull РUSA Today

#11 Starbucks to launch app for Windows phones РZDNet

#12 Starbucks tweets that its annual shareholders meeting will go on as scheduled in Seattle at 10am PT РStarbucks

#13¬†Starbucks cancels Wednesday shareholders meeting in Seattle due to unspecified ‘business needs’ – KIRO

#14 Starbucks to debut in South Africa with 2 new shops in Johannesburg РAFP

#15 Starbucks announces plan to open 1st store in Italy; shop will open in Milan in 2017 РAP

#16¬†Utah officials approve Starbucks’ request for a liquor license for 5 stores – @BenWinslow

#17 Starbucks partners with JPMorgan on Chase Pay digital payments service Р@CNBCnow

#18¬†Health activists claims Starbucks selling beverages with ‘excessive levels of sugars per serving’ – Business Insider

#19 Update: Suspect arrested after man cut on neck inside Starbucks near University of Washington in Seattle, police say

 #20 Man stabbed at Starbucks near University of Washington in Seattle; injury not life-threatening, authorities say РKIRO

#21 Starbucks reports 1st quarter earnings of $0.46 per share vs. estimated $0.45; revenues of $5.37 billion vs. estimates of $5.39 billion РCNBC

#22 Starbucks to team up with Spotify to bolster its mobile app; users will be able to instantly identify music at coffee giant’s stores, save songs to playlists on music service – Fortune

#23 Starbucks issues statement following Jakarta attack, says 1 customer injured, all employees safe Р@Starbucksnews

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If you’re a coffee lover who enjoys reading more in depth simply copy whichever story you are interested in and pasted it into Google for the full story. Like me most people just want the main details of the story, but I always encourage getting more information :).Just A Tip lol

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