Blog Stats Started This Blog 6 Days Ago

Hey Coffee Lovers I just wanted to make a Blog post showing my stats after the first 6 days of starting this Blog. With your help we are on are way to making this the #1 Coffee Blog on the net, I will keep bring the best Starbucks, Coffee, and Tea content online. After 6 days with almost 2,000 people that have visited my Blog I think that’s pretty good lol. Keep helping me spread the word about this Blog so we can reach ALL the coffee addicts out there, Yes I said ALL I want every person that loves his/her coffee to visit my Blog so they can have a chance to read this great content and bounces save on the coffee and teas they love to drink everyday. It’s a WIN WIN for all of us lol Thank You To Everyone So Far 🙂
All-time posts, views, and visitors
  • POSTS 63
  • VIEWS 3,217
  • VISITORS 1,090
  • 1,758
  • JULY 17, 2016
Most popular day and hour

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