I Caught My First Pokémon At Starbucks :)

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Hello there fellow coffee addicts hope your having a wonderful start to your week, it’s such a beautiful day today and I hope everyone of you is enjoying it :).

Yes you read that right I caught my first Pokemon at Starbucks let me explain lol

OK this past Saturday my sister and I took my son to Knotts Berry Farm we have season passes so we go often because my son just loves it lol We spent the whole day there getting on rides and spending quality family time together.

SIDE NOTE…  I want to take this time to say to everyone who reads this if you are lucky enough to find someone in your life that may not be perfect in all that they do, but loves and cares about you please please please do not let them go. It is so hard to find true friends and love no a days so when you’re blessed enough to have someone like that in your life, do not take them for granted as they can be here today and gone tomorrow. I know someone reading this has someone in there life that they take for granted, life is to short to spend it being mad and holding on to past things, let go and forgive everyday you wake up is a new day to get better and learn more about yourself but you might miss out on growing opportunities because of bitterness. I’m going to make a separate Blog about family, friends, and love so keep a look out for it, but I digress back to my story lol.

OK after spending the whole day at Knotts we decided to see the beagle on ice show before leaving, for those of you who don’t know what that is it’s Snoopy and friends ice skating. Well as we were standing in line waiting for the 7:30 showing to start there was this lady and her two kids in front of us talking about this Pokémon Go I have been seeing all over the internet but never really new what it was. So I decided to do a quick google search because my sister and I were now interested in what all the fuss was about,while reading it to my sister we began to have a conversation with the lady about the game and how she walks around the neighborhood with her kids while they look for Pokemon which I thought was hilarious because after reading about it I found the game to be quite dumb and a waste of time haha

After the show was over ( great show by the way if anyone goes to knott’s anytime soon you should definitely go see it) we began to walk to the exit to head home and that’s when my sister suggested I download the App and try the game out, so I did. lol Didn’t take long to download and customize my character and start playing before we even hit the exits.  I stopped at this Starbucks to grab me a iced green tea for the drive home and that’s when it happened my first Pokemon jumped out at my right here lol

Charmander was the Pokemon that jumped out and I caught it, my son got a kick out of it but walking to the car I deleted the App off my phone lol. Not a big fan of the game and I think it’s dangerous, a game that relies on people walking around looking down at their phones waiting for Pokemon to jump out is a disaster waiting to happen lol. Leave a comment and tell me if I’m wrong here people, the concept of the game is pretty cool but I see this being more of a problem over time. Just one mans opinion lol. I would love to hear what you think of this game, good or bad 🙂

Here is a video on how the Pokemon Go App works if you don’t know lol 


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